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Lesotho is a small independent state in the east central region of South Africa. Formerly known as Basutoland, the country was renamed the Kingdom of Lesotho after it gained independence from the UK in 1966.
Completely surrounded by South Africa, Lesotho has three distinct regions:

• The Western Lowlands: covering about a quarter of the country, this region consists of undulating basins and plains.
• The Cave Sandstone Terrace: an intermediate region between the highlands and lowlands of Lesotho.
• The Eastern Highlands: rugged, wild and impossibly beautiful, this mountainous realm includes the Maluti Mountains and Thabana-Ntlenyana, the country's highest point.
Definitely the highlight of travel in Lesotho, the eastern highlands region is a folded wilderness with the highest single-drop waterfall in Southern Africa - Maletsunyani Falls at Semonkong - and fascinating prehistoric dinosaur footprints and rock-art.

Affectionately known as "The Mountain Kingdom of the Sky", Lesotho is probably one of the ultimate eco-tourism destination secrets in Southern Africa; "A world without fences" is probably also a good description for this little jewel.

Breathtaking scenery abounds and every season has unique attractions, whether you're trekking by pony or travelling Lesotho on foot, you will see spectacular mountain scenery and a way of life that has remained unchanged for centuries.

We specialise in tracking ever-elusive montane specials and exhilarating outdoor activities of this beautiful country. Outdoor adventure activities include trekking on Basuto Ponies, hiking, basic mountaineering, 4 x 4 trails and spectacular scenic trails.
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Lesotho is a tiny country of immense beauty, dramatic mountain ranges, sheer waterfalls and gurgling streams.
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