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Endemic Birds Southern Africa

Southern Africa is generally defined as the area south of the Kunene, Kavango and Zambezi Rivers. Encompassing a diversity of habitats, ranging from tropical coastline to ancient deserts, the range of bird species is equally diverse.

Annual fluctuations in southern Africa's 950 or so species are caused by intra-Africa migrants and Palearctic migrants. Of the total species in the region about 19% are endemic or near-endemic.

Endemic birds in southern Africa include such beauties as the Blue Crane, Bald Ibis, Black Oystercatcher, Black Harrier, Cape Vulture, South African Shelduck, Ground Woodpecker as well as the sugarbirds, korhaans and many larks. Endemic and near-endemics total around 177 species.
OB Sunbird
Cape Gannet